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Gideon's Army - Now Recruiting

posted 7 Mar 2011, 19:38 by Kidz Klub   [ updated 22 Feb 2013, 14:25 by Peter Shields ]
Gideon's Army
The ancient story of Gideon is a fascinating one. You can read it here. In short ... a most unlikely military commander, with just 300 men, equipped with only trumpets and torches, defeats a well-equipped enemy who number in excess of 100,000.

The relevance? We'd like to recruit our own little army of 300 financial partners who will help us overcome some overwhelming odds.  The opposition is large, and our tools seem bit feeble, but 300 people giving £10 or more per month would pretty much cover our staffing costs. That would allow us to concentrate on the real work of reaching children in our city with the Good News rather than fund raising.

If you'd like to enrol then please download the attached form and send it back to us. 

As a token of appreciation we'd like to send you a copy of "Whose Child is This?" - a book that might literally change your life, as it has for so many people involved with Kidz Klubs.
Peter Shields,
22 Feb 2013, 14:23