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The Field of Dreams

posted 10 Oct 2012, 03:01 by Peter Shields   [ updated 10 Oct 2012, 03:30 ]
Field of DreamsThis summer - as most other summers - Kidz Klub leaders were involved in various children's summer camps.  These are always remarkable, memory-making, life-defining experiences for the children (and often for us leaders too).

But it was particularly encouraging to receive an email from a parent whose 2 children attended the Urban Saints Nefyn camp we were involved in. In an innocuous looking farmer's field, in a remote Welsh village, 2 more young lives were changed forever by encountering God's love & power - as demonstrated through a bunch of devoted & diligent volunteers.

But don't just take our word for it, read what the mother had to say for yourselves below. And if you'd like to support us making this sort of thing possible for even more children please use the "Ways to Help" options on the left.

Dear Leaders...

    I’ve wanted to say thank you for what you did for my kids this summer. This reunion seems a good time to testify to the seeds that were sewn by yourselves this summer but are still having an effect today.

    Attending camp was a last minute decision this year. Easter time my husband was made redundant. This followed 6 months of money not always being paid. This meant no holiday this summer. At the last minute Irish grandparents offered to pay for the kids to go to ‘christian’ camp. We quickly searched and found Nefyn – close to where my family come from. It felt right.

    We said thank you God.

    “N” 9 years old, at time, did not want to go and said NO THANK YOU.

    “B” 11 years old, said yes nervously.

    A few days before going “N”’s best friend tells him, he’d wanted to go but couldn't  but one of his mums friends was a leader. “N” said MAYBE.

    We turned up a Lymm [coach station]

    “B” went silent, “N” met an eccentric boy like himself. He got on the bus smiling.

    A week later we picked up two very smelly kids who had had an amazing time. “N” was very upset at leaving his friends. He felt very secure there. Thank you.

    “N” told me a couple of days later that he had decided to follow Jesus!

    We said THANK YOU GOD.

    Since then he’s joined in singing in church for the first time and his hearing has improved to the extent that we’ve been able to put away the hearing aids for the first time in 5 years. (No more ops either). He’s a lot more confident and has joined in other things since he would not do before the camp.

    We said THANK YOU GOD

    “B” had an amazing time as well and it helped to give her confidence to go onto grammar school. Being a bit older she’s taken on board a lot more of our problems. At Nefyn she met girls with other problems which helped her to stop worrying about ours.

    My husbands now got a job. THANK YOU GOD.

    Apart from my husband being unemployed I’ve had health problems. Church has been unstable as well as leadership has changed.

    CAMP for my kids has been a sane interlude in a crazy year, where “B” and “N” met Gods word and FUN.



P.S. - tell your young leaders that mums generally pack underwear, but that 9 year olds who model themselves as crazy inventors may not know how to look in a bag. Empty the bag with the 9 year old before believing him that he has no underwear!