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Four Brand New Bentleys!

posted 23 Apr 2015, 12:38 by Peter Shields   [ updated 23 Apr 2015, 13:51 ]
Today we're 10. Hip Hip Hooray for us!

But Hip Hip Hooray for the 1,000's and 1,000's of children's lives we've impacted with the gospel in that time.  And because we continue to visit the children in their own home every week, we impact the whole family.  Like the Bentley family. 

Here's what local vicar, Rev Jimmy Hinton, wrote about them recently ...

The Bentleys are a different family. Gone is the atmosphere of arguing and fighting. Gone is the lack of confidence and withdrawal from the world. In their place a new confidence and  an outgoing spirit. Calm is the air that has replaced the tensions. Work instead of unemployment, hope replacing emptiness. The change is tangible and visible. And it began with the smallest of children.

Ten years ago Kylie (then 7) began attending a Saturday Klub that used a near redundant church building to gather children from across the south of Bradford for fun, games, worship laughter and story. The Klub leaders also commit to weekly home visits where relationship is built with the wider family. A younger brother also began to come along. The church began to grow and over time the family were drawn  into the warmth of relationship with a wider group of believers culminating in their own  discovery of faith in Jesus.

Circles are interesting shapes. This family circle became Christians together. They are part of  the bigger circle of the church and have come full circle as they now help lead the next  generation who attend that same Klub – meeting in the local school but still weekly visiting  families in their homes. The Bentleys are a different family indeed. 

Ten years on from the day she first boarded our bus, Kylie is now a leader at the ROCK club in the primary school she used to attend. It's the same ROCK club which her younger brother has been faithfully attending - the brother that wasn't even born when we first got to know the family!

Mum & dad are now committed followers of Jesus and members of their local church. Mum works alongside Kylie in the ROCK club. She also is our volunteer administrator in the ROCK office.

Please make a birthday gift. You could help us restore some more Bentley's.

The Bentley fund!