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Many inner city churches have given up hope of connecting with the new generation of children around them. But Kidz Klub Bradford has consistently demonstrated the light of God's love to literally thousands of children since 2005.

Kidz Klub is all about sharing the life-changing good news of Jesus with some of the neediest and most vulnerable children in our city - raising their aspirations, their imaginations & their self-worth. We trust that one day they in turn will pass it on to others.

And it's working. Since April 2005 we've made over 10,000 home visits to families, week in week out, giving testimony to the love of Christ not just with our words but by our actions too. Lives are being changed. New leaders are being raised. To read some of their stories click here.

Literally 1,000's of children came through the doors of our Saturday Kidz Klub. And now our work carries on through our after school Kidz Klubs. 

Will you partner with us in the unfolding story of Kidz Klub Bradford as God changes communities one child at a time?

Let God inspire you to dream dreams for the lost children in your town or city.